There will be five different sessions presented by the Apple Distinguished Educators. Some of them will be repeated. The schedule of these sessions will follow as soon as possible!

Learning for All

By Kurt Klynen

Reluctant Learners? Difficulty expressing themselves? Allow freedom of expression with some basic iPad Apps that allow students to demonstrate their learning in unconventional ways.

Paperless Assessment

By Petr Mára

Petr will take you through the workflow of distributing and collecting all kinds of media from iPads, assessing the work there and then and sending it back to the student with in-depth feedback. The easiest marking with the greatest results.

Teachers Toolkit

By Petr Mára

Absolute essentials for teachers working with iPads. From self-grading quizzes, automatic podcasting of lessons, brilliant and engaging presentations and easy distribution of content to students, Petr has honed his Toolkit for Teachers down to his best 6.

Today in...

By Kurt Klynen

Students can express their learnings in many ways. Kurt will bring several examples of students using the iPad to catalogue their learning, prepare notes for study and deliver engaging examples of learning using a few Apps for iPad. Learn, Remix and Share.

Using the iPad to Share, Edit and Create classroom resources.

By Oscar Stringer

Oscar will provide a hands-on practical walkthrough for creating content in and for the classroom, how to share that to students and allow them to edit and enhance. This session is relevant to all areas of the curriculum and is a great introduction to classroom activities using the iPad as ‘just another tool’ available to teachers and students.

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