Tashkent IS Music and Theatre Collaboration

Picture of Tashkent IS

Tashkent IS

TIS DP Music and Theatre students collaborate to create and perform a live theatre experience in the Black Box.

In mid-September, nine Grade 12 DP Music and Theatre students embarked on a journey to integrate music and movement in contemporary and traditional explorations. Through original student-composed electronic music and improvised physical performance rooted in Asian traditions, students responded to various stimuli that included quotes and images of ideas related to “Power.”

The performance was ultimately titled Let them Eat Chaos.  In the space of about 5 hours, the students brought courage, creativity, and compassion to a process that culminated in a public showing in the Black Box – the first of its kind since March of 2020. As all students took (and passed) their antigen tests, they were permitted to remove their masks to perform for their parents and other community members.

This has been highly energizing for the arts team as they begin to find methods to have live performances once again, featuring the extraordinary talent of the G12 students. We are grateful to the TIS community, and to the families of our young artists for their support and care.

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