Service Learning project called Expand Your Impact (EYI)

Picture of Expand Your Impact team
Expand Your Impact team

Margritha Hofman (AIS Bucharest), Rebecca Greenal (TISA) and Danijela Peric (AISZ)

Dear Service Learning teachers and coordinators and anyone with a keen interest in Service Learning.
It has been a while since you heard from the Service Learning project called Expand Your Impact (EYI). We apologize for that, due to all sorts of reasons we have only now started this year’s Expand Your Activity.
The Expand Your Impact project is a Service Learning project for all CEESA students who are interested in sharing their Service Learning activities with other schools and working together on Service Learning projects. All workshops and activities are online and are free to join.
As they did last school year, CEESA is again supporting the EYI project. This is great and has allowed us to work together again with Youthopia, the organization of youth changemakers, started by Melati Wijsen (check out the Youthopia website for more information This also means that there is no participation fee for students wanting to participate.
We are planning an online Kick-off half-day conference on a school day, with Youthopia and all students interested after the Winter break. This will be followed by 3 online workshops run by Youthopia in March, April, and May during the week. There will be an online Celebration conference nearer to the end of the school year, where all students can showcase their Service Learning activities and receive comments from Youthopia. Of course, any CEESA school/students just interested are more than welcome to join as spectators.
If you and your school are interested in joining this amazing opportunity for your students to take part in Service Learning projects across CEESA schools or for them to get ideas to work on Service Learning projects within their own school, let us know as soon as possible. We would like to know by Wednesday the 14th of December 2022, in order for us to plan the next steps. Please email Margritha Hofman at if you have any questions and when your school is interested to join (again or for the first time).
There will be an introductory Zoom meeting after the Winter break for all teachers interested, to plan before the student Kick Off conference.
We hope that many CEESA students will join in again, hope to hear from you soon.
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