QVS Now Open To Students Outside of QSI

Picture of By Timothy Macmillan
By Timothy Macmillan

Director at QSI Virtual School

QSI Virtual School is excited to announce that it will begin offering a full-time online educational program to secondary students from outside of QSI beginning in 2023-2024.

This is an exciting time for online learning, and QVS is excited to step into this rapidly growing educational market! We wish to thank the QSI Board of Directors for their continued support and commitment to QSI Virtual School as we take this next step forward!

In addition to offering a full-time program, QSI Virtual School is working towards accreditation from the Middle States Association that will ensure our courses and diploma are widely accepted by colleges and universities across the globe. Our school is committed to providing students with an exceptional learning experience that meets the highest standards of quality and we look forward to a visit from MSA in the spring of 2024. For over a decade, QVS has been developing quality online courses to support the students of QSI.

As QVS broadens the scope of its educational program, we want to reassure the schools and students of QSI that we will continue to offer the same quality courses and online instruction to students across QSI. We pride ourselves on our commitment to mastery learning and our ongoing support for QSI students through our flexible course offerings. Our service to QSI schools will remain a top priority as we begin to expand our program. Keep a look out for more information on our exciting plans in the coming months!


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