Wednesday, 22 May 2013 09:30

Arts have sprung at the Anglo-American School of Sofia

In the beginning of May, the Anglo-American School of Sofia had the opening of the "Spring is Sprung" Art Festival – the first ever in the school's over 45-year history. The Music, Visual Arts and Theatre department(s) joined forces and created a series of exciting events for the AAS Parents and the larger community to enjoy.


During the Elementary Art Exhibition "Transformations" parents and students were invited to stop at the interactive art stations at various locations on the AAS grounds. Each grade level had a designated spot and appointed student curators. Visitors could hear what was on display by scanning a QR code and listening to a voice recording made by children. Preschool through fifth gradestudents presented what they learned and encouraged the audience to create their own art by using various techniques. Topics varied from the transformation of wheat to bread, shadows, water cycle and mythological creatures.

Later that night the audience was invited to enjoy the Everybody Dance Now performance starring Grade 2 and 3 students. The choreographer spent two months training our young dancers, ultimately creating a vibrant celebration of movement.

sofia2iOne of the culminations of the "Spring is Sprung" Festival was the premiere of the annual High School musical, Cabaret. The brilliant play of emerging talents and the hard work of the director, musicians and backstage staff made the show an enjoyable experience.

At AAS we have always believed in the importance of arts for developing a well-balanced personality. Our faculty is consistently working towards the expansion and diversification of the arts program and we are happy to see more and more people enjoying the products of this work!

submitted by Svetla Stoyanova, AAS-Sofia Communications Assistant