ISL Students Embark on an Exciting Outdoor Adventure Trip: A Journey of Learning and Exploration

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Chris Capadona

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It was the American naturalist John Muir who once said, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” At the International School of Latvia (ISL), groups of enthusiastic secondary students recently embarked on an unforgettable outdoor adventure trip. This journey not only tested their physical limits but also fostered personal growth, teamwork, and a deep appreciation for the stunning Latvian outdoors.

Grade 6 students explored ecological farming and forestry and engaged with guest speakers discussing Latvian nature and survival skills in forests. Grade 7 hiked over 15 km along Latvia’s stunning Amata River near Cēsis and the Līgatne Forest Trails. In Grade 8, students cycled from Ragaciems to Engure, covering over 30 km. Both grades regularly paused to study the ecology and geography of the locations.

In Liepaja, Grade 9 students participated in two history-related activities: an “Escape” game and a guided tour of the Liepaja Naval Prison, now a museum. The game, led by instructors, immersed students in the role of spies navigating the 19th-century naval base’s fortification ruins on their journey to freedom. Grade 10 explored Kuldiga with an orienteering game and sharpened their map and compass skills. Later, at the Pelekais Vilks campsite, these students engaged in bushcraft, used basic tools, cooked, built shelters, and enjoyed a nighttime capture the flag game led by the Latvian 155th Scout Group. For 11th graders, a rafting adventure down the River Gauja awaited them. Afterward, they completed a thrilling ropes course and a tranquil barefoot walk at Sajūtu Parks outdoor park. Finally, in Rites, and under the guidance of local builders, seniors worked on constructing tree houses which served as a springboard for teaching climbing, rope knots, and rappelling skills.

These outdoor experiences not only challenged their physical abilities but also instilled a profound connection to the natural world and the history of Latvia. As they return to their academic pursuits at ISL, these students carry with them a deeper appreciation for the environment, newfound skills, and cherished memories of their extraordinary adventure.

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