Inclusion Week at Anglo-American School of Sofia

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Anglo-American School of Sofia

Last week, the Anglo-American School of Sofia in collaboration with SENIA Bulgaria celebrated the beauty of inclusion through its inaugural Inclusion Week, a heartwarming event that brought together students and teachers from Pre-K to Grade 12. This week-long initiative served as a catalyst for the entire school community to delve into various aspects of inclusion, fostering not only understanding but also an appreciation for individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives.

Our program showcased a wide array of activities, including interactive workshops and thought-provoking discussions, all thoughtfully designed to highlight the importance of unity in diversity. Elementary students and secondary students dedicated class time to learning about the multifaceted concepts of diversity, inclusion, and neurodiversity. This involved engaging simulations, personal storytelling sessions, and refreshing discussions, further enhancing their understanding and empathy.

As a highlight, we opened the doors of all elementary classrooms to numerous guest readers. This remarkable team included members of our administrative staff, members of the SENIA Bulgaria team, and our very own secondary students. These guest readers not only shared inclusive literature with our elementary students but also thoughtfully facilitated discussions and activities that had a lasting impact on some of our youngest learners.

Our Inclusion Week was further enriched by a diverse lineup of guest speakers who joined our community to share their wisdom and experiences. Our speakers included insightful individuals from our own AAS community, the city of Sofia, and even from across Europe. This esteemed panel included disability and inclusion advocates, a distinguished speech pathologist who is also an accomplished author, changemakers from the Roma community, and the dedicated chairperson of a prominent LGBTQIA+ organization in Bulgaria. Each speaker brought a unique perspective to the table, sharing compelling stories that resonated with our community and sparking engaging conversations that deepened our understanding of inclusivity and acceptance.

The entire community embraced this experience as a success and a promising start to what will undoubtedly become a cherished tradition within our community. The Anglo-American School of Sofia and SENIA Bulgaria eagerly anticipate not only continuing this tradition but also expanding it into an event that will engage and inspire even more communities in the future. See you next year at Inclusion Week!

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