The Importance of Teaching Digital Citizenship at IS Belgrade

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IS Belgrade

Ryan Bollhorn
Future Learning Coordinator/Technology Integration Specialist

As digital technologies progress and evolve exponentially, the fantastic opportunities they provide also move in a similar vein. Students are now connecting to an information platform never before seen in history. These evolving technologies allow our learners to create, inform, explore and learn in ways we never thought possible. But with this comes great responsibility for educators and the institutions to educate students and families about the ethical dilemmas, privacy issues, digital distractions, and opportunities to spread negativity technology can provide to users.

At ISB, we have adopted the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship program for students and families. Common Sense Media is a nonprofit organization designed and developed in partnership with Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The comprehensive K-12 program offers our community a structured and active learning environment to allow our students to succeed as digital learners, leaders, and citizens of tomorrow. The student program presents real-world scenarios that students face daily. Through these types of active learning lessons, students learn to make healthy, responsible and balanced decisions.

Our parent community will also have an opportunity to learn and help their children make better decisions at home through our four coffee morning sessions. Here is a link to the first Coffee Morning video on Dealing with Digital Drama.

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