alexandru sota

My name is Alexandru Sota and I was born in 1985 in Bucharest, Romania. In 1993, I moved to Bridgeport, CT, USA with my family, where I lived for the following 16 years.

suzanne herbert

Suzanne Herbert has been involved in international education since 1992 and has worked in Asia and Europe.

andras valezy

Andras Valezy graduated from York University in Canada with a B.Ed. and holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum Teaching and Learning from the University of Toronto.

adam carter

In twenty years of international experience, Adam Carter has traveled, worked and studied in over a hundred countries.

ty frederickson

Dr. Ty Frederickson is a Visiting Instructor at Wilkes University and a Diploma Program International Baccalaureate educator.

blake mackesy

Dr. Blake Mackesy is a Assistant Professor at Wilkes University.

gergana georgieva

Gergana Georgieva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She worked as a teacher for about 17 years.

lynne coleman

Lynne Coleman began teaching in her hometown of Lewiston, Idaho, some 40 years ago. But it was in international schools that her dual passions for learning and adventure took root.


Frances Hensley is one of the founders of the School Reform Initiative (SRI), a national and international professional learning organization that supports the development of professional learning communities in schools.

vlatka butkovic

Vlatka holds a Masters Degree in Art History and in English Language and Literature from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

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