📚Award-winning Author Dominic Carrillo Aws Secondary School Students with Various Presentations and Workshop

Picture of NOVA International School Skopje
NOVA International School Skopje

🖊We were delighted to host the author and teacher, Dominic Carrillo. With six captivating books under his belt and a talent for young adult fiction, Mr. Carrillo shared a wealth of knowledge during his two-day visit with our Secondary School students. From insightful workshops on the intricacies of the writing process to valuable tips on research and critique, he left students inspired and equipped with practical advice to fuel their literary journeys.

📖The enthusiasm and engagement from our students were palpable as they soaked in Mr. Carrillo’s wisdom and relished the opportunity for direct feedback on their work. We are greatly indebted to him for enriching our students’ learning experiences, which will resonate with our writers for years to come!

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