Monday, 05 December 2016 11:14

Twelve Norms for Building a Positive School Culture by Fran Prolman

Our outcome is to analyze the twelve norms of a positive school culture; diagnose your current school's (or department’s) cultural reality, and design a proactive plan to build the school culture you hope for.

This pre-conference will define and analyze the twelve norms of a positive school culture and how you can systematically address them. Without intentionally building a positive school culture a lack of trust, confidence and support, closed and dishonest communication and lack of caring, celebration and humor will undermine the entire school community and its mission and vision. Make sure that you are proactively building the cultural structures that ensure vibrancy, growth and collaboration.

Walk away with practical strategies to support each of the twelve norms, diagnostic assessments to pinpoint where your school or department is now and which norms you should focus on, and action plans for moving ahead will be shared.

Dr. Fran Prolman

fran prolman

The founder, president and senior consultant of The Learning Colalborative, Fran Prolman is an internationally recognized teacher, administrator, author, consultant and keynote speaker.

She is known for her depth of knowledge, dynamism, energy, practical application and proven track record of results. Fran earned her Doctorate in Teacher Training, International Education and Organizational Development from George Washington University and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Pennsylvania.

She has been a two-time Fulbright Scholar in both India and Israel, and has presented numerous papers, workshops and keynote speeches nationally and internationally.

Fran brings you 30 years of experience providing multifaceted work with organizations and school systems throughout the United States and the world. She was the first Understanding by Design cadre trainer designing curriculum training throughout the United States, a faculty member for ASCD and the senior consultant at Research for Better Teaching training trainers and educating thousands of administrators and teachers in effective learning practice.

Fran focuses on building human capacity through a variety of avenues. She facilitates leadership retreats for teachers, administrators and executives; delivers organization-wide keynote speeches and workshops, coaches to build highly functional teams; assists organizations and teams in the appropriate use of data, designs professional growth and evaluation systems and brings insight to the change process.

She is a frequent presenter for the U.S. Department of State, European Council of International Schools, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Central and Eastern European Schools Association, Near East South Asia Association of International Schools, African Association of International Schools, the Tri-Association for the Caribbean and Central America and numerous client school systems in the United States.