Friday, 02 January 2015 16:46

Hope for the Little Ones


The children in second grade at at the Anglo-American School of Sofia have had a very busy month, raising money for the 'Hope for the Little Ones' children's charity.

After designing their own holiday cards, they sold a hundred copies of each of the eleven designs. Every student in second grade was responsible for selling the cards. They sold the cards at recess, at lunchtimes and after school, as well as at special school events.

Altogether, the second graders raised over 2,450 leva and one family donated another 2,000 leva, which was a wonderfully generous gesture.

With the money raised (about 2275 Euro), a range of essential items were bought for the babies that the 'Hope for the Little Ones' organization cares for. In small groups, the second graders visited the two charity homes and delivered the much-needed donations. It was a wonderful and touching experience for all of the children involved and the babies were incredibly cute.

It has been fantastic to see the enthusiasm and commitment shown by the second graders as they worked to make their fundraiser successful. They have learned so much through this valuable experience.

The children are grateful to everyone who bought cards and helped to support this very worthy cause.

Submitted by Gary Foster, AAS-Sofia Grade 2 Teacher