Thursday, 20 November 2014 13:17

HOSIC 2014 - The Human Mind

Future leaders collaborate in Vienna.

The 2014 version of the HOSIC conference met in Vienna to learn, share and discuss issues related to the human mind.

The events started with student led tours on Friday morning that finished at one of three museums. After the guided tours of the Leopold, Freud and Albertina museums the students came back to school and started the conference portion of the weekend. Thanks to the two guest speakers, Mrs. Judith Draxler-Hutter (sport psychologist) and Ambassador Alexa Wesner (American Ambassador) who started the conference off and got the participants into the right frame of mind. The two day conference featured ten student lead presentations with titles such as; Beautiful Nightmare, Horrible Multi-Taskers and Love is in the Mind of the Beholder. Or is it?

Congratulations to the Vienna student organizing team who lead a well rounded and professional conference.