VIS Grade 12 Students Inspire Anti-Racism and Inclusivity in Grade 5

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Vienna International School

The Grade 12 students have embarked on an educational endeavour, sharing their wisdom and insights with Grade 5 students, with a focus on imparting knowledge about anti-racism. This endeavour is linked to the students’ current central unit, “Words Have Power.” The vision behind this initiative is rooted in the belief that empowering future generations begins by sowing the seeds of empathy, understanding, and unity today.

This initiative is crafted and dedicated to nurturing both internal and global peace among the younger generations, endeavours to achieve this ambitious goal. Through a series of interactive and thought-provoking workshops tailored for Grade 5 students, their Grade 12 peers tackled the pressing issue of racism, aiming to equip the young students’ minds with the knowledge and tools they need to become advocates for the cause of anti-racism.

Vienna International School is moving forward to build a stronger school community through efforts to become a more diverse, equitable and inclusive school for all students, educators, and families. The goal is to  embed these values within our own organization and institutionalize them within the school culture and to instil a profound sense of inclusivity and respect within our students. We aspire to contribute to the creation of a world where diversity is not only acknowledged but celebrated, and where equality stands as the cornerstone of society.

In the words of Kokone Shimamura and Ian Campbell, two of the visionary students spearheading this initiative, “We believe that our efforts today will ripple into a tomorrow where discrimination has no place, and unity prevails.”

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  1. I would love to hear more detail about this – how the workshops were structured – what kind of questions were used – how the Gr 12 students were supported – how the faculty were included 🙂

    Sounds such a great initiative!

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