Virtual Festival of Languages 2021 at TISA

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TISA Community

TISA celebrated our 12th annual Festival of Languages. It was a hybrid event with most M4 students taking part on campus whilst the remainder of the Secondary school took part from home.

Students started off the day in TAO/Advisory groups and were invited to watch one of the carefully selected World Cinema movies and were given cinema snacks, generously organised by Ms Zeynap on behalf of the TISA PTA. Following this, students met to watch a YouTube Premiere Festival of Languages assembly with guest speaker Mrs Norma Isaczai, spouse of the United Nations Ambassador in Azerbaijan and Head of Missions Spouses board member, in addition to a number of student speeches, poems and musical performances. Students spent the afternoon attending superb student-led workshops (Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Bengali, Azerbaijani) with a grand finale of a surprise, whole school Hindi dance flashmob.

One of the advantages to having the event online is that we are able to invite the whole community to participate. Please enjoy the assembly, the student workshops and the world cinema movie selection which will remain open over the next week. 

More details about this event can be found on the Festival of Languages website.

FoL Assembly can be accessed here.

Workshops can be accessed here

Movie Recommendations can be viewed here

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