Unveiling the Magic: A Tribute to the Spectacular Journey of Oliver!

Picture of The International School of Azerbaijan
The International School of Azerbaijan

Hats off to the phenomenal cast and crew of Oliver! What a spectacular performance! After weeks of intense rehearsals and meticulous preparation, we witnessed five remarkable shows delivered by our talented ensemble cast. Some even gracefully swapped roles from one show to another, showcasing their versatility and dedication.

The enthusiasm of the audience spoke volumes—their resounding applause echoing a unanimous desire for more! We eagerly anticipate the return of our beloved cast members. This production was a testament to true creative collaboration, a labour of love involving every single performer, technician, director, designer, and supportive parent. The contributions were truly endless.

As we bask in the afterglow of this extraordinary experience, we couldn’t be prouder of our team. It’s indeed a fine life, and we hope everyone relishes this sunny Saturday, especially those who poured their hearts and souls into giving the show its infectious oom-pah-pah! Can you spot all the hidden Oliver showstoppers in this celebration?


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