Tuning into the PYP X 2021 at TISA

Picture of TISA, The P8 Team

TISA, The P8 Team

The second week of March, P8 at TISA has spent the time ‘tuning in’ to the PYPX 21! We listened to the amazing action of Teresa Uletc from Azerbaijan Socks.

Students discussed the meaning of sustainable action and looked at how they could take immediate yet effective action themselves based on what they had heard. The rest of the week was interspersed with workshops from members of the TISA community who talked to their passions, to the SDGs and what learning experiences have been memorable during their primary journey.

Some of our students spoke on behalf of the grade level at the primary faculty meeting, inviting teachers to take on the important role of a mentor to our students. The skills, traits, attitude and attributes of a PYP X student are many. Click here to see which ones stood out most to our students as they embark on their own journey.

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