The 7th AISV Solidarity Charity Run 2020

Picture of AIS Vilnius

AIS Vilnius

It has been a tradition since the very beginning of the initiative of the Save the Children organization in Lithuania to organize Solidarity Runs in the country to support children in need locally and internationally. Many schools and educational institutions have been joining this event each year since 2014. 

AISV Middle and High School students and teachers were very lucky to have a week of October 5-9th with a very nice weather and ability to stay at school for taking part in the 7th Solidarity Run while enjoying the beautiful colors of Markučiai park which is located not far from the school. Students  and teachers were running, jogging and walking by making a number of laps they had set goals for. After running, students collected the funds from their sponsors. 

This year students and teachers collected 730EUR which were transferred to Save the Children organisation of Lithuania to support the Day Care centers for children in Lithuania and refugee girls of Ukraine. 

A big thank you goes to all the sponsors who have supported our students in this traditional charity event AISV is proud to be part of. 

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