TEDxYouth Returns to Tashkent IS

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Tashkent IS

“For the first time, I wondered, does international mean Western?”

“The only thing I knew about the world was that it was made out of land, water, and people.”

“What if you were not confined to social norms and expectations?”

These statements and thoughts were just a few of the reflections and ideas that TEDxYouth@TashkentIntlSchool brought to stage in 2022.

After a 3-year absence due to the pandemic, TIS was able to host its second TEDxYouth@TashkentIntlSchool on Saturday, April 9, 2022.  Apoorva Panda, a grade 11 DP student, helped organize the event as part of her CAS project. Apoorva believes that, “Our human substance keeps us curious, and this is what we promote and inspire at this event. The human substance that has shaped our community for centuries now is what we choose to nurture, and we hope this event catalyzes positive conscious action.”

The event introduced students from grades 9-12 who were not afraid to question and speculate, as each student speaker brought to the table old and new discussions, speaking passionately about a topic related to the theme Limitless. It also provided opportunities for students to submit ticket, banner, poster and programme designs. The winning design for tickets, posters and banners was submitted by grade 11 DP Visual Arts student, Ekaterina Iskanderova (aka Katya Isk).  Programme design was submitted by Fernanda Silva Pinedo of grade 9.

A reception followed the talks, where DP Music students provided the entertainment.

We strongly encourage you to go to our ted.com event page at TEDxYouth@TashkentIntlSchool where you will find more information about the wonderful speakers and their topics. We will let you know when talks are uploaded.

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