Tashkent IS Hosts Career Workshops

Picture of Melissa Johnson-Schnyder & Jeanette Won, College Counselors
Melissa Johnson-Schnyder & Jeanette Won, College Counselors

Tashkent IS

Providing students with opportunities to explore and learn about professional paths

Tashkent IS college counselors planned, organized and hosted an afternoon of Career Workshops for students in grades 9 to 11 under the theme of Pathways. The event began with a group of seven current TIS teachers sharing about the jobs they had previously done before becoming teachers. It was interesting hearing students guess what possible former jobs their teachers had before becoming teachers.

Fifteen professionals from our community representing careers such as pilot, lawyer, engineer, architect, doctor, IT professional, journalist and scientist volunteered to come present what they do and love about their work. Students selected and attended three different sessions during which they learned and asked questions about the academic requirements, skills, opportunities and challenges of the various professions.

This event was popular with our students and staff, and we hope to make it an annual event, with more guest speakers and opportunities to learn about the future of work. Some student quotes are below:

“It was quite a learning experience and made me more interested in certain paths”.

“I learned more about different jobs and how each person got to where they are today, which is not always where they first started.”

“If you study at the university for some specific field it does not mean that you will do it in the future.”

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