PhotoVoltaic System Generates Renewable Energy

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In May 2023, our PV (Photovoltaic) system achieved a remarkable feat by generating an astounding total of over 23,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. To put this achievement into perspective, this amount of energy is equivalent to the typical monthly household electricity consumption of 110 households. Based on an average annual consumption of 2,500 kWh per household, our PV system’s output in May demonstrated its exceptional capability.

The outstanding performance of our PV system is a testament to its efficiency and effectiveness in harnessing solar power. By generating such a substantial amount of electricity, our PV system was able to offset approximately 40% of our total electricity consumption for the month of May (excluding the school’s catering facility). This impressive contribution clearly showcases the significant role our PV system plays in reducing our dependence on conventional power sources and moving towards a more sustainable energy future.

May proved to be a particularly noteworthy month for us, as it marked the highest recorded peak in PV generation that we have observed thus far. Our PV system’s continued ability to generate significant quantities of electricity not only reduces our reliance on traditional power sources but also allows us to contribute to the overall energy supply. By producing surplus energy, we are able to feed the excess back into the grid, benefiting the local community and further supporting the transition to a more sustainable energy ecosystem.

As an organisation dedicated to sustainability and an Eco School since 2017, we remain resolute in our commitment to reducing our reliance on traditional power sources and making a positive environmental impact. At the same time, we commit to teaching our students to fulfil their potential and become responsible citizens of the world who will bring their share of sustainable-driven actions to the communities around them. 

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