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Membership Benefits Comparison

CEESA’s Associate Membership (Professional) is an excellent opportunity to grow your influence in the community of international schools, allowing you to:

Upgrade your experience - become a VIP member.

By signing up for VIP membership, you’ll be upgraded to the sponsor of a CEESA Conference speaker (our most popular sponsorship option), with savings of up to $700 compared to non-member sponsors.
Check the 
sponsorship options and benefits list, such as exclusive access to school directors and board members at the VIP dinner.

Sign up early to ensure you use all occasions for exposure through our Conference marketing channels (promotional emails and newsletters we send to our community, blog and social media posts, website articles and more).

See the table below for the full range of membership benefits.

$1,260 / year
$4,060 / year
(incl. $2,800 discounted Conference speaker sponsorship fee)
Member directory listing at, incl. logo, contact info, company profile and more. Self managed at your convenience
Logo & link to the directory profile promoted in a banner on several pages at
Your deals and offers promoted at
One annual electronic promo email to the mailing list incl. CEESA school directors, principals, curriculum coordinators, business managers and other leadership positions
Promotion of events offered by your organization via CEESA social networks
Blog post about your service on the CEESA website, promoted via CEESA social networks *
One video promoting your services promoted via CEESA social networks
Discounted CEESA Conference registration fee
Virtual booth in the conference app Whova - exhibit your brochures, videos, images, live showcase and chat with visitors **
A choice of prime spots for table setup in the CEESA Conference exhibit hall **
After sponsors
1st choice
Logo & link on the conference website
Logo, and link where appropriate included in CEESA's Conference marketing emails, blog and social media posts
Sponsorship highlighted in the Whova conference app
Sponsorship acknowledged in a Conference speech by CEESA’s Executive Director
Invitation to the VIP dinner with school directors, board members, speakers and sponsors at the CEESA Conference **

* 3 sales/marketing posts + an invitation to contribute to #ceesastory blog focusing on trends in education and international schools

** If attending the CEESA Conference

Last updated: 15 May 2024

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