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During semester one the M5 worked on a project related to Nutritional plans. This was/is very important for the kids to keep in mind during these pandemic times as the Michigan University department of psychiatry states, “Our lives have changed dramatically since COVID-19 stay at home policies.”

This can lead to feelings of strong emotions like anxiety, isolation, and depression. These emotions can trigger poor eating habits and food choices.” The idea behind the unit was to look at different ideas of what is the correct type of plan to use for people. Using Critical Thinking skills the students looked at what “nutrition” entails and compared and contrasted a couple of different types of ideas. They did a fantastic job putting together a variety of presentations. There were a couple “podcast” presentations, a video or two and a bunch of good slide presentations. If you have an M5 child or friend ask them to share their work it was a very enlightening project.

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