International School of Prague students organise a Fashion Showcase of Student Work

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International School of Prague

 International School of Prague students organize a Fashion Showcase of Student Work

What can it look like when a summative assessment is also a  celebration? The International School of Prague’s new Fashion Design and Sewing elective wrapped up the first semester with a student-organised fashion show, complete with runway, models, music, lighting, and an audience of friends, families, and faculty.

“At first, many of us were hesitant and doubted that we would be able to create a pair of pyjama pants,” wrote Isabella D. in the programme notes for the end-of-semester show.  Many of the students in the class had never sewn before, and the process of using a pattern, operating  a sewing machine, and fitting a garment to themselves was new. Isabella added that not only was every student successful, but that the results were “comfy and cosy.”

In addition to skill development, the course explored the historical and cultural context of clothing, sustainability and fast fashion, and the way designers adapt, adjust, and show resilience in creating their own designs.  The student designers approached the challenge of their individual final projects with new skills, new confidence, and continuing curiosity. They collaborated to choose the theme and order of the final show and ran the event themselves from backstage, only emerging to accept applause with their models during the final curtain call.

“I’m proud of what our students accomplished,” said their instructor, Elizabeth Perry. “Not only are they able to sew wearable garments, but they have a new understanding of sustainability and the context of our clothing. I hope they continue to make beautiful things – for the world and for each other!”

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