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Tashkent IS Thrilled to Welcome Hamburg Girls’ Choir – Mädchenchor Hamburg

Please go to the youtube link  to find out more about the choir’s collaboration with Tashkent IS and their concert at the Tashkent Conservatory and their cultural collaboration.

Flying all the way from Germany, the Hamburg Girls’ Choir, also known as Mädchenchor Hamburg stayed with the Tashkent International School community from March 3rd – 7th. Fifty lovely choristers, a master conductor, tutors, and a pianist came into the TIS world and collaborated musically for a brief, but truly amazing time. Upon their arrival at the campus, the group was welcomed by our students, staff and traditional Uzbek karnay players. During the choir’s stay, there were workshops, masterclasses, and performances with fantastic musicianship and a beautiful blend of voices that rang in the halls of the school and outside. 

The TIS community came together by opening up their homes to host the members of the choir. To bring in and house 50 people is no small undertaking, and the TIS community went above and beyond. In this endeavor, we learned together and from each other, and we shared fantastic memories and experiences. And above all, the choir members have enchanted us all with their truly angelic singing.

Mädchenchor Hamburg, led by conductor Gesa Werhahn, creates a family atmosphere. Aged between 15 – 25+ years old, some of the young women have been in the choir since they were children. The family of choristers has a blend of sound that reminds you how powerful the human voice is and how much emotion can be heard, expressed and felt. 

Based at the State Youth Music School, The Hamburg Girls’ Choir – Mädchenchor Hamburg is one of the leading girls’ choirs in Germany. The concert tours have taken the choir to Iceland, Greece, Southeast Asia, Turkey, Israel, South Africa, USA, and the Arctic. After a three-year absence due to COVID, the choir has embarked on a Central Asia Silk Road tour with concerts and workshops in Tashkent, Bukhara, and Samarkand, Uzbekistan, and continuing afterwards to Kazakhstan. 

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