Empowering Service: 7th Grade Students Make a Difference in Warsaw NGOs

Picture of AS Warsaw
AS Warsaw

The students of the American School of Warsaw students embark on educational visits to various NGOs, seeking to understand their operations and explore ways to support individuals, animals, and the environment.

The 7th grade Service Day at the American School of Warsaw took place on May 15th, highlighting students’ involvement in various NGOs in Warsaw. Throughout the day, students visited nine organizations, including UNHCR, Save the Children, Caritas and others where they engaged with displaced children from Ukraine. Additionally, several groups focused on outdoor service, dedicating their efforts to animal welfare. They assisted at a llama’s farm, a cat shelter, and also learned about caring for injured wild animals. As part of their service, the students prepared small gifts for the disabled children and made healthy granola bars for the homeless community in Warsaw.

These service trips marked the first 7th grade Service Day held outside the school since the prolonged period of the Covid pandemic. Not only did the students have a great time, but also gained valuable insights into the work of NGOs and actively contributed to their daily activities.

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