AIS Vilnius Goes Alive for the Class of 2021

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AIS Vilnius

Traditionally, AISV organises a number of events for seniors each year. However, due to the pandemia this year, a few events did not take place, and the main two events were postponed to the last week of school. As it is said,  there is nothing bad that turns into better – our seniors were even able to go on their last field trip to the Baltic Sea together and finish their school journey at the beautiful graduation ceremony held at school.

A very popular event SIMTADIENIS (100 days before the exams) at local schools in Lithuania and at AISV which is organised 100 days before the exams, this year, it took place at the end of the school year. This event led by a group of high school students engaged our seniors in the Chilhood TV Shows where they had to debate, play games, solve puzzles, learn about their teachers‘ childhoods, and take part in other fun activities.

The second traditional event, the Charm Ceremony, during which teachers give good luck charms to seniors before the exams, this year, the charms were given at the end of the school year to wish our seniors all the best in their future instead.

Moreoever, our seniors took a three-day trip to Palanga, the Baltic Sea resort, where they spent a lovely time together by biking, swimming, playing games, taking part in ceramics and amber workshops, a dance lesson, wakeboarding, Scavenger Hunt in the town, sauna and jacuzzi, and lots of social time.

Finally, our seniors had their graduation ceremony during which they did not only receive their school diplomas but also a number of special awards including the Student of the Year, the Churchill Award, the Community Award, the AISV Athlete Award, the Student Award for International Understanding, and for Educational Excellence and Outstanding Academic Achievement.

We are very happy that the AISV Class of 2021 was able to finish their school journey full of joy and satisfaction!

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