Dawn Summerfield

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Dawn has worked in education for 28 years and has expertise in school leadership, curriculum design and assessment, special education and differentiation through the use of data.

She has held leadership positions in both American schools and International IBO schools and has earned two advanced degrees in special education and health and wellness education.

Dawn is passionately committed to driving continuous school improvement in the standards of teaching and learning.

She is a former Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) assessment user in her schools and her current focus is on improving student executive functioning skills, promoting school community health and wellness, mentoring new teachers and working with the NEASC accreditation process.


Applying Reports

This 50-minute workshop is designed to expose participants to the ability levels of their class as a whole. We will explore The Class Report, The Class Breakdown and The Learning Continuum, highlighting how to use this data to inform instructional decisions regarding small grouping, differentiating, and scaffolding.

This is a beginner level workshop designed for teachers who are interested in developing their understanding of how to use MAP data to inform their practice.

December 4th, 9:00 – 9:50 AM (CET)

Talking with Parents About MAP Data

This 50-minutes workshop will highlight the reports that facilitate conversations with parents regarding their child’s ability level and academic growth. We will highlight the concept of Assessment Literacy and link it to parent conversations. The Student Profile, The Student Progress Report and the Family Report will be presented as tools to be used in helping parents understand what their child’s MAP data.

This workshop is designed for teachers who want to understand the reports that best facilitate parent conversations.

December 4th, 10:00 – 10:50 AM (CET)

Understanding the Link Between the IB and NWEA Assessment Philosophies: Using MAP Data to Support IB Decision Making

During this workshop we will identify the ways that MAP data can be used to facilitate and support decisions around the IB protocols and culminating exercises. We will identify the similarities between the IB assessment philosophy and the NWEA assessment philosophy and explore how MAP data can be used to support IB protocols such as DP subject choices and Personal Project advisor choices.

This workshop is designed for any IB teacher who wants to support their decisions with student data.

December 4th, 11:00 – 11:50 AM (CET)

Using MAP Data to Support Differentiation and Scaffolding the Classroom

This 50-minute workshop will walk through the steps need to effectively use MAP data to inform the differentiation required in the classroom. We will work with the Class Breakdown Report and the Learning Continuum to identify gaps in learning and will explore resources that can be used to inform differentiating and scaffolding based on the MAP data.

This workshop is ideal for teachers who have experience using and an understanding of their MAP data.

December 4th, 12:00 – 12:50 PM (CET)

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