Congratulations to Rachel Caldwell and Kathleen Naglee

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AAIE Superintendent of the Year 2024

“AAIE is well known for honoring the Superintendent of the Year at our annual in person conferences.  We recognize and acknowledge the outstanding work that has been accomplished and each year, we selected an exemplary leader to receive this award.  It is part of the fabric of AAIE to celebrate those in our community who have gone above and beyond in their capacity as a superintendent.”


CEESA is thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Rachel Caldwell who has been honored with the prestigious Superintendent of the Year Award 2024 from the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE). This achievement is a testament to her unwavering dedication, exceptional leadership, and profound impact on international education.


The Superintendent of the Year Award from AAIE is a well-deserved recognition of Rachel’s outstanding contributions to the field of education. She has not only embraced the challenges of leading in a dynamic and ever-evolving educational landscape but has also spearheaded initiatives that have enriched the lives of students and stakeholders alike.

Rachel’s career in education began 30 years ago, in inner city London. Since then, she has enjoyed teaching and leadership roles in the Dominican Republic, Turkey, Italy, China, South Africa, Ukraine and now in Bucharest, Romania.

Rachel has been a leader in enjoyed a long period as a very active workshop leader, school visitor and field representative for the International Baccalaureate. During this period (2005-2013) she led in-school, in-cooperation and regional workshops throughout Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia. She also worked for the IB as a school visitor and field representative.

At CEESA, we take immense pride in celebrating her accomplishments and the profound impact she has had on the lives of countless individuals. Her dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence serve as an inspiration to us all.  We are lucky to have her Chair the CEESA Executive Committee and guide us through interesting times.

Please join us in congratulating Rachel on this well-deserved honor. We look forward to her continued success and the positive influence she will undoubtedly continue to have in CEESA and on the field of international education.


AAIE Hall of Fame Award 2024

“The AAIE Hall of Fame recognition is awarded to an individual who has made significant contributions over a period of ten (10) or more years to international education and who has furthered the goals and mission of AAIE.”

We would also like to congratulate Kathleen Naglee for being awarded the AAIE Hall of Fame Award for 2024.

Kathleen has been a teacher in the US and Estonia, a mid-level leader and Director at IS Estonia and Head of School at IS Helsinki.  She has served as the Chair of the CEESA Executive Committee and has provided innovative leadership for our region.

Kathleen is an acclaimed speaker advising national systems, individual schools, international project, ed-tech start-ups, and early career leaders.  She specializes in visionary projects on the future of learning.  Recent workshops have centered on the neuroscience of learning space both virtual and physical.

Warmest congratulations to Kathleen Naglee! Your achievement is a true testament to your exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to educational excellence.





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