Innovation Design Hub is a new program at the CEESA Conference; an idea room designed to inspire thinking and collaboration. The Hub will have up to 2 presentation areas with sessions lasting for 30 minutes: 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. We included a number of speakers in the program so each half-hour scheduled slot will feature a unique presentation. Innovation Design Hub will run on Friday and Saturday during Conference hours.

See the list of Innovation Design Hub presentations.

When student writing is directed at a broader audience, the quality of their work and authenticity of their engagement skyrockets. Their writing connects them to the wider school community, other students publishing their own work, and an audience of millions online.

The presentation will provide opportunities for participants to develop an understanding of the accreditation process and how it can be linked to strategic planning and a cycle of school improvement.

This presentation proposes strategies and tools to nurture, develop and sustain student learning communities that embody international mindedness.

Current global events, movies, travel articles, and music provides teachers a unique way to bring the world into the classroom. Students can develop a connection between themselves and the world beyond where they live.

The session will explore how inquiry and creative thinking can be enhanced through a collaborative learning environment. Furthermore, it will showcase how learning communities can be built around a shared reading experiences.

Research consistently shows that service learning projects, if designed with the student's learning and impact on the community in mind, yield incredible dividends, by increasing empathy, sparking deep learning and allowing students to recognize their own agency in tackling real-world issues.

This workshop will offer participants a tangible way transform their classroom and school into a vibrant, inclusive community by fostering and celebrating grit and resilience.

Educators will have a better understanding of how to use a daily news show to build a sense of community in their schools.

This session uses the tools, dispositions, and strategies of learning communities and applies them to transform a widely used practice into something more meaningful and lasting.

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