Thursday, 13 February 2014 08:42

This year's local conference planning is in the hand of the AIS Events Office

AIS Vienna has a pretty unique office in the world of international education and we call it our Events Office.

The five person team consists of Andy Harrison, Nick DeForest, Claudia Bonek , Karin Hackl and intern Anna Chanduvi. The team help coordinate all athletics, activities and events taking the stress and strain away from the event organizers be they parents, administrators, teachers, students and even non AIS community members.  The Events Office concept was the brain child of Tom Roberts, a former AIS Activities Coordinator, and long time AIS Athletics Director Andy Harrison. Both thought that the school could benefit from a 'one stop shop' for the whole AIS community to minimize stress and maximize efficiency.

The Events Office organizes all athletics and activity teams and trips similar to a student life office. The team are also responsible for all  travel for the whole school whether it’s a class trip, home leave or a professional development conference. In addition all facility rentals including outside groups for events like  birthday parties for example and the team maintain all internal and public calendars. The Events Office provide the mechanism for involving all stakeholders such as security, maintenance crew, the cleaners, catering and calendaring events at the appropriate time.
With the Events Office AIS Vienna has one central place that looks into all areas of the school and prevents conflicts before then can occur. 2013-2014 is the 5th year the Events Office has been running and the team challenge themselves to constantly review and improve the procedures in that are in place. The team have identified, 'Teamwork', Communication' and 'Service' as the three areas they must excel in.

With the CEESA Conference in Vienna the Events Office naturally took up the role of the local planning team and are in the homestretch for this year's conference. The Events Office and the entire community of AIS Vienna is looking forward to welcoming you in Vienna this March.