Celebrating Vegan January: Nurturing Health and Sustainability at Tashkent International School

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Jenna Cirillo

Tashkent International School

In January, our community celebrated Vegan January, dedicated to sharing the benefits of a vegan diet and encouraging others to explore plant-based eating. Promoted by the school’s DEIJ Committee, and with the help of Rachel Nelson, the primary goal of Veganuary was to educate and share the benefits of a vegan diet.

By embracing Veganuary, we aimed to emphasize the positive impact of plant-based eating on health, the environment, and animal welfare. Additionally, we acknowledged the importance of accommodating various dietary preferences and lifestyles. Through educational initiatives and culinary experiences, our goal was to inspire others to consider incorporating more plant-based foods into their diets.

The Vegan January agenda featured exciting events such as the Vegan Cook-Off and Vegan Fair, offering vegan food for sale, educational stalls led by DP CAS students, face painting by the elementary Owl Council, and readings about veganism. Our Secondary School Owl Council promoted the event through regular announcements, informing us all about a vegan diet,

and reminding us of the Vegan Friday lunches in the cafeteria. Even our PTO contributed to the festive atmosphere by providing fruit snacks. Staff members were also encouraged to explore the benefits of a vegan diet through the 3-Day Vegan Challenge, fostering a sense of community participation.

The most widely attended events were the Vegan Fridays in the cafeteria, where students had the opportunity to sample a variety of vegan dishes and sides. Some quotes from our students included, “It’s a new experience, and I like it very much,” “It’s yummy!” and “We should make this a school tradition.”

We reflect on the success of Vegan January at TIS and the positive impact it had on promoting the benefits of a vegan diet. Through culinary creations, educational initiatives, and innovative ideas, student groups played a significant role in raising awareness and inspiring others to explore plant-based eating. Together, we celebrated the benefits of a vegan diet and worked towards creating a healthier, more sustainable future at TIS.

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