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Creating Content for a Global Audience

Highlighting the important connections between athletics and academics was one of the goals of the Globetrottin ADs Student Athlete Leadership Conference but there were a whole lot more. This conference was a chance for student athletes who focus more on academics than athletics to use their passions in more of an academic atmosphere.

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Conservation Museum at TISA

P5 students prepared museum exhibits to teach others about a living thing.

Museum visitors learned about adaptations that helped the living thing survive in their biomes and habitats, how their living thing helped maintain balance in their environment and threats to the living thing.

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P7 Songs 2021/22 at TISA

P7 classes create their songs based on the chords they learned on the ukulele. Some students chose to experiment with technologies in the process.

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P6 Field Trip at TISA

The P6 students were beyond excited to walk beyond the school gates for the first Elementary field trip in nearly 2 years.

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Tashkent IS Music and Theatre Collaboration

TIS DP Music and Theatre students collaborate to create and perform a live theatre experience in the Black Box.

In mid-September, nine Grade 12 DP Music and Theatre students embarked on a journey…

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CEESA Expand your Impact Challenge

CEESA Expand your Impact Challenge We are excited to announce the first ever CEESA Expand Your Impact Challenge. We invite your students to take their