🧬Science for Kids Conference Spurs Intellectual Curiosity and Logical Thinking

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NOVA International Schools

🧪The laws of probability apply not only to complicated mathematical formulas describing natural phenomena but also to information technology and our everyday lives. They also pertain to our daily choices, primarily online, when deciding whether a particular content or a user is credible or trustworthy. Dr. Tanja Pavleska skillfully and wittily conveyed this knowledge to the children attending the second Science for Kids conference, which gathered more than 100 children together.

🔬How does the brain work, and why sometimes it cannot correctly “read” the visual information? What makes an optical illusion, and in which circumstances does our brain play tricks on us? These exciting questions, backed by a hands-on workshop, were explained to the curious audience by Dr. Nikola Stikov, who had students involved in his lecture to the point they forgot even to blink! A reward for exceptional scientific potential bearing the name of Ivan Kjostarov, a Macedonian scientist with a mission to spread scientific knowledge among children, was bestowed to one 9th-grade girl from Skopje, while participants in the exhibitions received awards for their vivid scientific phantasy drawings. 

🌡As a school, we’re proud and honored to work with such outstanding, world-renowned Macedonian scientists, gathered around the Kanatarot MK Foundation, whose higher purpose in life apart from their scientific work is to popularize scientific findings and raise overall science literacy levels in our country.

🔬🧪The children’s curiosity and enthusiasm were truly infectious, and we couldn’t be prouder of the perspectives and worldviews they acquired.

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