It takes more than technology to transform classrooms into collaborative learning environments. A comprehensive technology solution succeeds when it is supported by a strategy that builds Professional Development into the overall goal. Explore the 5 building blocks of a strong implementation plan that delivers the greatest value from technology and enables improved student outcomes. Simply.

Presented by Lynn Notarainni

Simply Teach Tech


Lecturer: James Bush and Thomas Shearer. Program Area: Special Needs / Strand: Mission Driven Learning / Grade: K-12.

Lecturer: Oscar Stringer, Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE). Program Area: Technology / Strand: Digital Learning / Grade Level K-12.

Lecturers: Bruce Roadside & Kris Sheehan. Program Area: All / Strand: Digital Learning / Grade Level: 1-5.

Lecturer: Tom Roby. Program Area: Technology / Strand: Curriculum Design Learning / Grade Level: 5-12.

Lecturer: Clive Ungless. Program Area: Technology / Strand: Innovative Learning / Grade Level: K-12.

Lecturer: Jennifer McLaughlin. Program Area: All / Strand: Mission Driven / Grade Level: 1-5.

Lecturer: Tyler Horn. Program Area: Mathematics / Strand: Innovative Learning / Grade Level: 5-12.

Lecturer: Robert Crutchfield. Program Area: Language Arts / Strand: Innovative Learning / Grade Level: K-12.

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