Monday, 03 March 2014 12:02

Thomas Shearer

Thomas (Tom) P. Shearer joined the Office of Overseas Schools in June of 2013 and assumed the position of Regional Educational Officer for Eastern Europe and Parts of Central Asia.

His prior experiences with American overseas schools include Superintendent of the American International School of Lagos, President of the Executive Board of the Association of International Schools of Africa, and he has served as a consultant for several International Schools for Board/ Governance training, New Overseas School Director Training seminars, and Chaired several Accreditation team visits to both international schools and public schools in the United States.  Mr. Shearer has also served as a High School Principal, Middle School Principal, and Elementary Principal in the greater Seattle area. In addition, he served on the State Board of Education in the State of Washington and on the Advisory Board to the Educational Administrative Program at the University of Washington.