Monday, 03 March 2014 12:02

James Brush, Ph.D., ABPP

Dr. James Brush is a Child and Adolescent Psychologist, certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology in Child and Adolescent Psychology and also in Clinical Psychology. 

Dr. Brush had a private practice in Cincinnati for 26 years.  He has extensive experience treating children and teens with a wide range of problems, from severe emotional and behavioral disturbance to adjustment problems.  He has performed psycho-educational evaluations and has consulted to educational teams charged with designing special educational programs for learning and emotionally disabled children.  He had primary responsibility for the care of teens having very complicated problems in his work on an adolescent psychiatric unit.  He provided consultation to the case managers of very troubled children and teens followed within a county child case management program.
Dr. Brush is a trained divorce mediator and was on the steering committee with attorneys in Cincinnati charged with developing a program of collaborative divorce.  Dr. Brush is a past president of the Ohio Psychological Association and he continues to serve as a subcommittee chair for that organization.  Dr. Brush’s wife is a Foreign Service Health Practitioner, currently serving in Kabul.  While living with her abroad, he was the Community Liaison Officer in Luanda, Angola and a substitute teacher for the DoDD School in Ankara, Turkey.