Friday, 20 January 2017 10:30

Launching the Year with Inquiry and Intention by Liz Haske

The session focuses on a transformative approach to building community with students at the beginning of the year. The information presented will not be something that is the norm in most schools.

The beginning of the year is a busy time for teachers. Unfortunately things like hanging up posters and making name tags get in the way from what is really important: learning about students and planning for instruction. Liz Haske, Instructional Coach at the Ango-American School of Sofia invites you to rethink the way you launch the school year by letting students lead the way.

During this workshop, she will share how she has empowered students to get to know one another, to build a community where everyone is valued and respected and to create a learning space where everyone can grow. Participants will find that by shifting their practice from “ice breakers” to “inquiry” that they will have more time and space to focus on what matters.

Liz Haske

liz haske

Liz Haske is the Elementary School Instructional Coach at the Anglo-American School of Sofia.

She is passionate about literacy, inquiry and all things learning. Her life as an international educator has opened doors to learning in schools across Asia, the Middle East and now Europe.