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Friday, 20 January 2017 10:28

Improving Pedagogy through Flexible Instructional Coaching by Liz Haske and Tricia Quinn

Participants will understand the rationale for using the instructional coaching model to support improved pedagogy and how the coaching model can be adapted to fit the unique needs of the school and/or specific groups of teachers.

The research supporting the use of instructional coaches is quite clear: having and using them effectively can improve pedagogy and student learning. The International School presents a unique challenge because of the levels of attrition and the required trust necessary to complete an authentic “cognitive” coaching experience. If schools are able to look at the model for cognitive coaching flexibly, but within a school specific framework, and with an intention of improving pedagogy, there are multiple places where coaching can occur.

In this engaging session, administrative participants will start thinking about their teacher leaders are and how they could be used more effectively in supporting pedagogy outside of their immediate classrooms. Teacher participants will look at their own schedules and brainstorm ways that they could creatively “find” time to work with and support each other within an established framework.

Tricia Quinn

tricia quinn

Tricia Quinn is currently working at the Anglo-American School of Sofia as a Secondary Instructional Coach, IB Literature teacher, and sixth grade transition teacher.

Tricia has taught grades kindergarten through twelfth  grade and has worked as an Elementary and Secondary Literacy and Instructional Coach. Tricia earned her Master’s in Teaching from the University of Washington and her National Board Certification in Early Adolescent Literacy. Tricia started her teaching career at Bonn International School. After returning to the United States with her husband in 2002, she and her family moved back into International Teaching in 2014. She has since been at AAS Sofia. 

Tricia believes that some of the most impactful and cost effective professional learning takes place when the pedagogical expertise within a school is harnessed and shared. However, the always elusive “time” is the biggest hurdle in doing so in an authentic way that actually translates to improved student learning. As scheduling drives teacher availability and collaboration time, a creative approach is needed to share the amazing pedagogy that is already happening in many classrooms. Through her experience as an instructional coach in both elementary and secondary, and large and small schools, Tricia has unique insight into creative cognitive coaching.


Liz Haske

liz haske

Liz Haske is the Elementary School Instructional Coach at the Anglo-American School of Sofia.

She is passionate about literacy, inquiry and all things learning. Her life as an international educator has opened doors to learning in schools across Asia, the Middle East and now Europe.