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  • Managing School Identities By Understanding Organizational Culture by Katarzyna Baliga
Friday, 20 January 2017 10:27

Managing School Identities By Understanding Organizational Culture by Katarzyna Baliga

This workshop perceives schools as communities that should respond to global changes by analysing and managing their systems of values and beliefs.

The concept of organizational culture has been selected and studied because it is a powerful idea that runs on a deepest level of human interaction. Some refer to organizational culture as collective programming of the minds of individuals that distinguishes one organization from the other.

The workshop covers some theoretical frameworks, but all the knowledge is acquired through an interactive and collaborative process. The ambition of this workshop is to create a learning environment open for discussion and innovation that hopefully will lead to some sustainable transformation.

Katarzyna Baliga

katarzyna baliga

Katarzyna studied a BA in marketing at the Polish Open University, and then an MA in human resources at Jagiellonian University.

She completed her PGCE at London University before becoming the IB business management teacher and humanities Head of Department at Dresden International School, Germany. She is currently the IB business management teacher at the International School of Krakow and she is studying for a PhD in management at Jagiellonian University.

Her particular spheres of business interest include how artificial intelligence will change business management and how management can deal with and exploit cross cultural environments and workforces. Katarzyna is interested in fashion, having written for a number of fashion publications, travelling, her dog, Tosca, and tasting all types of good wine. Katarzyna is married with one daughter, Gertrude.