Monday, 09 June 2014 08:47

'I speak, you speak – we communicate'

In April AISV hosted Lithuania-wide Multilingual Tournament "I Speak, You Speak - We Communicate".

The purpose of this tournament is to encourage students and teachers to learn more different languages; to develop individual plurilingualism of students by promoting multilingual environment in schools; to develop different language learning possibilities and motivation to learn languages by raising awareness of benefits of plurilingualism; to encourage cultural and sociocultural awareness by learning different languages, and finally, to encourage students‘ creativity, personal flexibility, ability to communicate in different situations by using different communication skills and different languages.

Thsis year twenty eight teams from all over Lithuania came to AISV to speak and use more than twenty languages (English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Azeri, Swedish, Norwegian, Swahili, Korean, Latvian, Japanese, Katalon, Latin, Thai,  Italian, Belorussian, Korean, Dutch, Danish etc.) by performing in five different assignments including impromptu speaking, language casino, trilingual social ad creation, language assignments Who is she (he)?, retelling an extract from a film in a three-language chain, and a homework task. The participants were Grades 9-12 students who formed teams of three students each of them being able to communicate in no less than two non-native languages (the language of instruction at school like English at AISV did not count).

AISV had two teams to take part in this event: Gabrielė Mackelytė, Titas Geryba, Laila Gulijeva, and Daniel Ruin, Rokas Staškevičius, and Marija Vašurkina. The students completed assignments in Russian, German, French and Italian, the third or fourth foreign languages known by these students. For their homework assigments the students used Swedish and Azeri languages. The winners of the tournament were teams from local schools who won an award to spend one or two days at AISV. AISV teams came to be the fifth and seventh out of twenty eight.

This has been a very successful and popular event among students and teachers of the country that AISV together with the Ministry of Education & Science, Education Development Centre, Education Exchanges Support Foundation, British Council, Goethe-Institut in Litauen, L’Institut français de Lituanie, and ISM University of Managament and Economics has been organising for three years.

Every Saturday of each year AISV was very happy to have a big group of enthusiastic, creative and knowledgeable students, curious teachers, eager to serve volunteer students and evaluators.  Therefore, the school is looking forward to have the 4th tournament in April of 2015.

See some photos from the event on AISV‘s Facebook.

Jolita Norkunaite
AISV Activities Coordinator
Head of Multilingual Tournament Organizing Commitee