Monday, 29 May 2017 08:11

A Group of Their Own

Boys Learn to Drum and Sing.

AISB Elementary School Music Teacher, Molly Quinlan noticed a pattern of low turnout of boys for the after school choir. In order to engage interest, she created a Boys Choir and Drumming group. To her delight 15 boys signed up.

The boys spend one hour a week learning proper vocal technique they demonstrate and Gahu African drumming technique learned by Ms. Quinlan at the Dagbe Cultural Institute in Kopeyia, Ghana through ‘This World Music’. Everyone has the opportunity to play and experience the Master Drum and supporting percussion parts keeping all members engaged in the learning process. The group is also exploring 2-chord progression using boomwhackers.

This after school activity maintains a lighthearted in mood while keeping learning and understanding in the forefront.  The intent is to foster the artistic talents each boy possesses, learn performance skills and stage presence, and learn basic music theory through games and fun songs, while developing a more traditional repertoire for performance at the same time. 

Ms. Quinlan is thrilled by the interest and enthusiasm of the young group. The boys' first performance will be in June. It may be the first concert that‘Carmina Burana’ is sung in the same concert as ‘Bad Lip Reading’, but these guys are a group of their own!