Tuesday, 23 May 2017 12:04

Survival Trip 2017 in NOVA IS

The unforgettable experience for HS students

This year’s Survival Trip gave all participating high school students an unforgettable experience to explore the beauties of mount Plackovica through hiking, rock climbing, camping, building a mountain shelter, starting a fire, setting up a tent, navigation and orientation with compass and maps, basic first aid knowledge and many other fun outdoor activities.

During the trip students learned how to maintain their upright “survival” mindset, how to cope better in situations when they are out of their comfort zone and how not to give up during challenging times. The trip gave them a chance to do things that they wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to in everyday life, and test their personal limits.

Besides acquiring important knowledge and learning valuable life skills, students experienced firsthand that there is no better way to build friendships and team spirit, than preparing and sharing food, facing challenges as a group, taking care of each other, cheering and supporting one another, while sharing unforgettable moments. This trip is truly a memory that will last them a lifetime.