Tuesday, 16 May 2017 12:04

AIS Vilnius international student film festival Diversity 2017

AISV International Film Festival was organised by a group of first year IB DP Students and took place on May 11th, Thursday, in the movie theater “Pasaka” in Vilnius.

In the event, organized by students Arina Tembo, Simona Vaitekunaite, Kristupas Jucaitis, Benediktas Vaitkevicius and Laura Vaitkunaite, four schools from different towns of Lithuania and AISV presented eight short movies on the theme DIVERSITY.

Students presented their thoughts and different ideas of how they understood this theme in a free, creative, unique ways by choosing different aspects and genre.

The films made were judged by a jury, formed by professional film makers and distributors who provided a very informative feedback on each nomination.

The films were competing for awards such as The Best Film, The Best Cinematography, The Best Editing, The Best Screenplay, The Best Soundtrack, The Best Acting, The Most Creative, and The Most Impressive. All three films presented by AISV received four awards.  “Last Frame” by Arina Tembo and Simona Vaitekunaite got The Best Editing. “Things: the untold story of stuff that happened” by Arina Tembo, Simona Vaitekunaite, Benediktas Vaitkevicius, Aleksandr Lordkipanidze, Matvey Chayeuski, Timofei Bezuglyi and Martynas Tendzegolskis got The Best Cinematography, and lastly but not least, the movie “Alles Banane” by Dominykas Trusevičius, Liv Steuer, Emilija Kapočiūtė, Katrine Larsen, Egor Mushikin, Ivan Kohuhar, Bartek Kus, Šarūnas Krušinskas received two prizes for The Best Screenplay and The Most Impressive.

Other awards such as THE BEST FILM was awarded to the film SOP by Kaunas Region Garliava Jonučiai Gymnasium; THE BEST SCREENPLAY - to the film WHAT IS THOSE PEOPLE‘S HEARTS? by Vilnius Santara Gymnasium, and THE MOST CREATIVE was the film NĖRIS by Vilnius Lyceum.

The organisers were very thankful to the sponsors of this event, AISV and AIBĖ, the largest alliance of trading entities in Lithuania.