Monday, 10 April 2017 10:28

International Futures Forum at PSI Kiev

This month, forty students, parents and staff participated in the first PSI International Futures Forum.

This was an opportunity for the school community to come together and to look at our changing world and how schools like PSI will need to continue to review and adapt curriculum and programs to match these changes over time. The focus of the Forum was to investigate just what skills students will need to navigate and to be successful in 20 or 30 years’ time.

The Futures Forum established and used three premises and one question to guide the presentations, discussions and thinking:

  • We are educating our children / students to become happy, successful and productive members of society.
  • Our world and society are changing, faster and faster all the time.
  • We are preparing our children / students for a future (tertiary education, work and life), although we can barely conceive what that future will be like.
  • What skills will PSI provide them to ensure their success?

Our guest speaker for the evening was PSI parent and board member, Mr. Peter Erben. Peter is the Senior Global Electoral Advisor and Country Director for Ukraine. His work with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems has seen him lead initiative in over 20 countries. In particular, Peter spoke about our changing world, education systems and their differences, and keeping an important balance - which include students’ happiness - in our schools and lives. 

Presentations were also provided by PSI parents and teachers:

  • Our Changing World - Robert Farrell
  • Future Education / Teaching & Learning - Annahita Sarty
  • Technology Innovations - Rory Parkinson
  • General Meeting / Global Citizens - John Burns

This is the beginning of an exciting new initiative at PSI. A Futures Committee will shortly be formed to plan additional projects, events and actions for the coming school year.