Wednesday, 05 October 2016 08:36

New Building Project at PSI Kyiv

The foundations of the new school buildings are well and truly underway!

After much planning and a lot of reorganisation of classrooms, our exciting new building project is now into its fifth month. 

The new buildings towards the back of our site will include a Science block, cafeteria, gym, theatre, a new playground area and swimming pool (the last of which got the biggest cheer of all from students!). 

For now students are getting a closer than usual crossover of time together as we all share the space we have while the building takes place. Foundations are being dug, our covered field is being used for PE lessons and an exciting new community playground has been opened for our youngest students next to the school. 

As we count down the months until our new school buildings are complete, we watch from the upper floor windows as cranes get busy and it all comes together!