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Leading the School of the Future … NOW

Lecturers: Arnie Bieber, Teresa Belisle, Marc T. Frankel, Ph.D. Judith Schechtman. Program Area: Leadership / Strand: Mission Driven Learning / Grade Level: K-12.

Arnie Bieber, Ed.D., Director at the International School of Prague, Teresa Belisle, Curriculum Coordinator at the International School of Prague, Marc T. Frankel, Ph.D., and Judith Schechtman, Senior Consultants, Triangle Associates

This leadership development course, co-created by the International School of Prague and Triangle Associates, offers school leaders a deep and innovative approach to developing the capacities necessary to lead schools that are relevant to twenty first century learners.

Through case studies, simulations, coaching, and personalised application, Leading the School of the Future . . . NOW will advance your understanding, competencies, and mental models, uncovering the complexity of leading learning through unchartered water.

The purpose of this CEESA workshop is to give you a taste of the philosophy, concepts, and methodology this program will use to deepen your thinking skills and nurture your leadership journey.
School leaders on staff at a full CEESA member school are eligible to apply for a CEESA stipend to participate in this program, which will take place next October in Prague.

Audience: Learning leaders (team leaders, teacher leaders, curriculum coordinators, principals, department heads, heads of school etc.) keen to extend their leadership competencies.

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  • Room: Capriole