Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:44

714C – Dealing with Challenging Personalities

Lecturers: Dave Rozdeba, John Paton & Tyler Callahan.

Dave Rozdeba, Athletic Director and Vice Principal at Eagle Butte High School in Dunmore, Alberta, Canada
John Paton, Executive Director of the Alberta Schools' Athletic Association
Tyler Callahan, Executive Director of the CIAAA

This course examines the causes of challenging or difficult personalities in society, with specific reference to interscholastic athletic programs. Basic management strategies include the use of emotional intelligence and transactional analysis considerations and methods. Specific protocols will be defined for dealing with individuals who “must be right,” “must win,” “must be logical” and “must be accepted.” In addition, techniques will be covered for preventing or responding to anger, sarcasm, denigration, complainers and backbiters and rigid-obstinate personalities. A model will also be discussed for creative interaction with parents who demand involvement in athletic department decision-making or who seek to influence the decisions of senior administrators.

Please note that this course starts at 8 AM until 12 noon.


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  • Room: Kleine Reitschule