Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:37

Effective Strategies for Overseas U.S. Teacher Taxpayers

Lecturer: Jonathan Levy. Program Area: All / Grade Level: K-12.

Jonathan Levy, Integrated Benefits.

This workshop explains favorable tax strategies for overseas U.S. Teachers. There are several benefits to teaching and living overseas. Your position in relation to U.S. tax laws is one of them. There are several tax strategies that can be employed to protect one’s income and invested assets more advantageously while living abroad. Reducing and eliminating taxes now and in the future are some of the objectives of this workshop. General topics of discussion will be preparation of your taxes for 2012, how to qualify for and fill out Form 2555 (the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion), Roth IRA’s and why you may or may not be able to contribute to one, 403b rollovers and Roth conversions, elimination of taxes of ongoing investment gains, etc. 

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