Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:34

Primary sources: An Untapped Resource for Enhanced Learning

Lecturer: Tom Roby. Program Area: Technology / Strand: Curriculum Design Learning / Grade Level: 5-12.

Tom Roby, History and IB Economics Teacher at Kyiv International School.

Oftentimes, student learning is driven by instruction centered on textbooks or secondary sources. With the availability resources on the Internet, there are unlimited untapped sources for instruction that enhance student learning.

Historians see the value of primary sources. Looking at eyewitness accounts of an event helps the student see what it was like at the time, to put themselves in the shoes of someone there. This makes the history come alive.

Yet, it seems we could do the same with other subject areas as well. Wouldn’t a physics student benefit from looking at the works and notes of Newton and Galileo? How could literature students better understand a novel by Pushkin if they also read letters or diaries by these literary artists? Mathematics students could analyze data from actual events like Euro 2012? This presentation seeks to litter the table with possibilities for using primary sources in all subject areas.


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